Your money will make a huge difference

Specialist Equipment

Access to specialist equipment helps all parents having a baby at QCCH.  

Equipment requirements in maternity are huge and include a broad range of items. These require significant allocations of finance to purchase and maintain and can take years to fund. We will help fund this much needed equipment that would be used every day, to provide efficient care and reduce waiting time and risk.

Counselling Services

Counselling can have a significant impact on parents who have been through a traumatic experience during pregnancy or labour or who have sadly lost a baby at any stage of pregnancy.  

The counselling provided to bereaved or traumatised patients is so highly valued that staff have donated to this service to both kick start it, and to maintain it, when funds fall short.

Training & Education

Training and education for staff to enable them to further establish and develop their skills, especially in communication and supporting families in challenging circumstances. 

We also plan to develop and distribute educational materials for patients which could lead to positive experiences and outcomes for them and their babies.

The Roof Terrace

The roof terrace has the potential to provide a much needed space for patients during or post labour and a space for staff to recharge and reset on their breaks.

For those patients on the ward for a long time it can be the only way to get fresh air during their stay and we aim to make it a happier place for them and a relaxing place for staff.

Improving the Wards

By creating a welcoming and fully-functioning environment for patients and staff we will help ensure patient experience is as positive as it can be.

Please get in touch if you would like to talk through examples of this.

Portable Scanner

A much needed piece of equipment to enable midwives to be able to care efficiently for all mums every day. 

This is an expensive item and is a long-term goal for Poppy's Fund and the Trust.

A percentage of all money raised will be ring-fenced to go towards this item.

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The smallest donations add up and will make a big difference to achieving the ambitions of the Fund.

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