Your money is making a huge difference

Providing specialist equipment


Access to specialist equipment helps all parents having a baby at QCCH and St Mary's.  

Equipment requirements in maternity are huge and include a broad range of items. These require significant allocations of finance to purchase and maintain and can take years to fund. We have started helping to fund this much needed equipment.  Equipment that helps to provide efficient care and reduce waiting time and risk.

Supporting staff training and education


Funding additional training for maternity staff enables them to develop their skills further, especially important when working with families who face challenging circumstances.  To date you have helped us to contribute to additional bereavement training for a selection of front line staff. We have also begun to develop and distribute educational materials to support parents and their babies.

Improving the maternity environment


  By creating a warm and welcoming environment for our patients, we will ensure their experience is as positive as it can be.  

Thanks to your generosity, we have already paid for new recliner bed chairs for parents which enable the family to stay together after the birth of a baby and additional items and artwork to improve the bereavement suite at Queen Charlotte's and Chelsea.

Birthing Equipment & Support


Your money has helped to ensure women are as comfortable and supported as they can be during birth.  Poppy's Fund has purchased specialist birthing beds for the wards which has only been possible due to your contributions.

Many items required for birth ideally need replacing often and we are also looking into replacing and supplying birthing stools and other equipment to help women at this time.

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The smallest donations add up and will make a big difference to achieving the ambitions of the Fund.

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