Testimonials from Staff at QCCH

Scott, Head of Midwifery

"As Head of Midwifery across the Trust I am really proud of the staff and the service we provide. Poppy’s Fund will allow us to further improve the care that we give. It will allow us to support our staff with training and provide additional equipment and amenities for staff and students. Most importantly the women and families that use our service will benefit enormously.  I am delighted that Carly and Roo have been able to turn the experience of losing Poppy into a such a positive and on-going memory in the form of this Fund."

Sara, Senior Consultant

"It is such a privilege to share in the very intimate and momentous event that is childbirth. Whilst this is usually a very happy occasion, it can at times be very stressful and occasionally very sad. In Poppy’s case it was the latter, and it is a privilege to be involved with the fund set up in her name, by her extraordinarily brave parents. The staff are all humbled by their kindness, and commitment to helping us going forward, and every little donation will be put to good use in supporting us in our work and in providing care for our patients."

Mandish, Clinical Director

"I am so grateful to Poppy’s Fund for supporting maternity services at Queen Charlotte’s & Chelsea. Money is so tight in the NHS that we have to make difficult choices as to what we are able to do with the money we have. Sadly the money doesn’t stretch to purchasing all the equipment we would like to have, creating a welcoming space for both our patients and staff, or to allow us to provide the extra support and counselling services to help some of our mothers and fathers who have suffered trauma or loss during pregnancy or birth. Even a small donation helps us to make a such a huge difference."

Jane and Lauren, Bereavement Midwives

"Counselling after one of life's worst traumas is a necessity. The feedback we have received from bereaved couples who have received specialist counselling and support has been outstanding and it has helped them to cope with their grief long term. The additional money raised through Poppy's Fund will help support families in the future to restore their lives in the same way. Being able to refer families to Petals for counselling provides us with essential support in the care that we give."

Nicki, Risk Management Midwife

"After experiencing one of the most tragic events, Carly and Roo have honoured their daughter in such a wonderful way. Poppy’s Fund will help shape a positive experience for all women and their families who access our services. It will also benefit our staff, who work so very hard every day to provide the best care. Poppy’s Fund is so gratefully received by all."