About the Fund

Poppy’s Fund supports maternity services at Queen Charlotte’s & Chelsea and St

Mary’s hospitals in north west London. Managed by Imperial Health Charity, the fund

aims to ensure all families who use these services have a positive maternity

experience, while providing specialist equipment, supporting staff training and

education, and improving the hospital environment.

Poppy’s Fund was inspired by the story of Poppy Beatrice Hodgson, who was

stillborn at Queen Charlotte’s & Chelsea on 17 October 2017. Moved by their

experience and the extraordinary care they received, Poppy’s parents Carly and Roo

Hodgson set out to support other families facing similar heart-breaking situations as

well as those taking home healthy babies.

The fund is led by a committee, including medical professionals from the two

hospitals, Carly and Roo, and representatives from Imperial Health Charity. The

committee’s role is to allocate funding to suitable projects within maternity services.

Why Support us?


We are trying to raise awareness of the neonatal, maternity and bereavement services within the Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust and to establish an enduring charitable fund to facilitate these services. 

The staff work tirelessly doing the best with what they have at their disposal, but the sad reality is that there is never enough for everything they need. Your support means the world to us and the staff on the front line. 

Where Your Money Goes


We have been working with staff across the Trust to come up with a list of areas that they feel would most benefit from the money raised by Poppy's Fund.

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